Taken by Murray for a tour of the grounds. We all felt really scared sitting in darkness in the summer house. When we went into the church there was a loud hissing noise heard at the same time by 4 of us. When we returned to the car to drive down to the house it had been unlocked? (we definitely locked it as all our belongings were inside.

Been taking loads of photos on 2 different digital cameras and both have orbs on most of the pictures, especially around the door and tapestry at side of the bed. Sarah and Becca went to lie on the bed and when Sarah tried to take a photo her camera stopped working. The battery was fine. Keep feeling cold draughts. Woke up at 4am (Sarah) sure could hear whispering but the rest of the group asleep. Debbie, Becca and Sarah all stayed awake from 4.30 could hear a tapping / banging sound lasting about 5 minutes. Di woke up and heard banging coming from somewhere else in the castle during the night whilst the rest of the group were asleep. Sarahs camera is now not working at all since sitting on the bed to take a photo.