Amanda – I didn’t expect to get much sleep, and I was right, although I was much more affected than I expected.  As we started drifting off about 2.30am I suddenly realised I didn’t want to be the only one awake, so forced myself to sleep.  Pretty uneventful until about 4am when I thought I heard muffled crying sounds, 5am sleeping on the floor in front of the fireplace (first mistake!) the plastic carrier bag next to me rustled (a lot) then someone/thing prodded me gently on the arm, then 1 -2 mins later I felt 2 repeated prods.  I was really frightened then 2 -3 mins later something prodded my knee.  After the arm prodding experience I immediately checked if anyone nearby could have done this – but this was not the case (after much deliberation and consideration!) I also became gradually cold during the arm prodding although of course this could have been fear.  Weird!!