Ghost Sit Friday 11th June 2004

Ghost Sit Friday 11th June 2004

Lian:  Quiet night – a couple of bangs at the start of the night.  Definite hot and cold spots all night.  Took a turn on the bed – was freezing!!  Went outside to see Tom – nothing much happened.  Felt that the Tapestry Room had quite a peaceful atmosphere, didn’t really fee scared – actually fell asleep!  Had an excellent time though – would definitely do it again.

Emma:  Pretty quiet night really, heard a couple of bangs and what I thought sounded like footsteps but that was it.  Really enjoyed the tour around the Castle at the beginning of the evening.  Had a brilliant time.  Thank you!

Rache:  What a fantastic place you have!!  I have really enjoyed myself but sadly only heard a couple of bumps in the night.  Had a couple of hours kip in the bed – woke up with horrendous cramp but other than that I feel great!  I found the room next door much more intimidating than the tapestry room – definite cold spots.  Will definitely do this again – but will try not to fall asleep next time.  Thanks.

Jayne: Heard loud bang at about 2 am but could have been the Penningtons across the landing!  Actually felt really calm and peaceful in the Tapestry Room, not at all scared, which is not a bad thing – maybe the spirits are nice and liked us!  At the beginning of the night definitely had a few very cold/hot moments – but could be draughts?  Lovely place to stay, beautiful gardens.  Thanks loads!

Gemma:  Uneventful night really!  One loud bang at 2ish and had a few chats with Tom, but to no avail.  However, only managed 45 minutes sleep!  I felt really calm and peaceful in the Tapestry Room.  Such a beautiful house (castle!!) and the ghost walk was really interesting.

Kate:   What a fantastic experience.  Very jumpy at the beginning, got stuck in the past with all the stories from the ghost walk.  Definite calm feeling in the tapestry room – the feeling of warmth and protection.  Didn’t sleep much due to bumps in the night.  Def coming back to spend more time with Tom.  Thank you.

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