Ghost Sit Friday 14th May 2004

Ghost Sit Friday 14th May 2004

Relatively quiet night (except for the spider!!)  A few encounters of hair being touched/tugged by Karen and Marie.  Ianita heard a noise coming from the door ?handle moving.   Both Julie and Gina brought their own video recorders and both at different times stopped recording even though they were full charged.  At approx 4 am – 4.30 am recorded very active orbs flashing about the room particularly around the bed.  The room also had variable temperatures during the night ? just the time of year.  On the whole a very enjoyable night.  Even managed to catch some sleep!!

  • Also Vickie and Rachel heard a whimpering sound coming from right side of back of room by the window (underneath Lady Pennington portrait)
  • Noise heard by Vickie and Isobel coming from fireplace.
  • Rachel felt her hair being pulled whilst lying on the bed (orbs present at the time).

We really enjoyed the tour of the gardens, lovely calm night, Peter gave a brilliant talk, we would definitely come again soon.

Lovely breakfast!

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