When we arrived we went for our ghost tour which was very eerie.  We arrived back in the car park and Gaynor realised her bag was gone off her shoulder.  Later after the Castle tour Jonathan and our guide found the bag a short distance from where we were told about Tom Fool and Mary Bragg.  Gaynor felt sick as she walked through the Castle door; she had a drink and returned feeling sick again.  When we were in the Tapestry Room there was a strong strange smell and then we felt very cold.  The video camera was turning on and off on its own.  We could not get a picture on the digital camera.  At about 1.30 am we used camera on the mobile phone and we recorded a white blob which turned into a woman.  Also the burglary alarm went off when Jonathan and Adel went to the toilet, even though we had been moving from room to room all night.  Lindsey and Janet tried to sleep but after about 15 minutes Janet felt ill and a very heavy feeling came over her.  Lindsey felt the same and was physically sick.  We had a very active night and eventually settled down for some sleep at about 4.30am and woke again at 6 am.