Ghost Sit Friday 19th October 2012

Ghost Sit Friday 19th October 2012

Group of five girls stayed in the Tapestry Room.  Murray, our tour guide, could not get the lights to work next to the bed.  Mr Peter Frost-Pennington came to see us and managed to get the lights working, but suddenly, one of the lights went off again and would not work at all. 

During the night, one of the girls went to talk to Tom Skelton.  When she came back in the Tapestry Room, the light came back on.

One girl was laying on the bed for about twenty minutes and suddenly, once on her side, felt as if she had been shaken on her lower back.  She asked us if we had touched the bed and as we all said “no”, it happened again.

Other girls laid on the bed and said they felt cold along their lower backs, but no shaking.

Around 4 am, there was a tapping sound coming from the corner near the wardrobe.  Two of the girls heard this.

Two girls also heard door handles being turned and another kept looking through the door towards the chair by Tom Skelton as if expecting to see someone.  Another girl thought her pillow was tapped, but this might have been one of the other girls moving in their sleep.

Overall, a great tour around the grounds with Murray and a wonderful tour around the castle itself . . . Thanks Murray for the scare at the door!!!

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