Ghost Sit May 3rd 2009

Ghost Sit May 3rd 2009

We slept in the room next to the tapestry room, we saw lots of orbs, the chair kept creaking and we saw shadows on the bed and over by the door.  My foot started vibrating and the room was freezing but we were boiling.  3 of us went into the tapestry room and heard bangs and footsteps and the room temperature kept changing.  I also heard singing that sounded like a lullaby.  We all felt sick and someone actually threw up.  Also, I felt very emotional.  Also, I’m sure that the light moved in the Tapestry Room.  When we walked into the tapestry room, we all had hoods up and mine kept being pulled off my head.

Stayed in the Tapestry Room and at first it was fine but when everyone was lying down I saw several shadows by the corner with the bed like a real mass that clearly didn’t belong to any of us in the room.  Went into the tapestry room a few times and felt very tense and shaky.  Saw some orbs as well.  Felt cold draughts while everyone else was boiling and there were a few loud thumps and clicking noises.  Really good night and quite scary.

We all slept in the room next to the Tapestry Room, as when we went into the Tapestry Room everyone felt really uneasy, and I started shaking as soon as I entered the room and felt quite emotional.  In the next room it seemed quite safe however others saw shadows.  I heard footsteps walking backwards and forwards outside the room and at first just put it down to the castles other residents moving about in the hallway, but now I’m not sure as the hallway was alarmed.

Personally I was sure that someone walked across the room next to the Tapestry Room from near the bed to the bathroom – this was when I was in the room on my own and I called out thinking it was one of the others but nobody answered!  It was a good night though.

When I first went into the Tapestry Room on the tour I felt very uneasy so slept in the room next door.  I only went into the Tapestry Room once as I was so scared and couldn’t stop shaking.  I did hear lots of bangs and saw lots of shadows especially near the bed and in the corner.  I also felt my hair being pulled and my feet being tickled even though I was in a sleeping bag!!  The room was really cold but we were all really hot!! The night was brill but very scary!!!!

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