Ghost Sit 18th October 2004

Ghost Sit 18th October 2004

As we were on the tour in the library I felt something touch my head and the side of my face.  At first I thought it was cob webs but there was nothing there.  Plus the ceiling was too high for any cobwebs to be hanging down from them. (Ged)

My hair was tugged twice on the first sitting and once on second sitting after that I kept my hood over my head. (Pauline)

I tried to make a connection with the little girl (Margaret) and when I asked her to make her presence felt if she was comfortable with us being there I heard 3 loud thuds in the corridor outside.  Very exciting experience. (Kevin)

Many experiences happened throughout the night, noises, cold spots.  But mainly whilst asking for Tom Fool to join us the video camera firstly just switched off, then when switched on again the battery drained very quickly.  Whilst in the Tapestry Room and asking for the little girl (Margaret) to join us the door opened three times and on command also cold spots and drops in temperature were noted. (David)

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