Ghost Sit September 11th 2009

Ghost Sit September 11th 2009

With great gratitude to Peter, the Pennington family and staff – you have brought a Taylor-Pifer dream to fruition!  For several years now that we are retired, Jim and I have been curious about our European “roots”. We have well understood our ancestry in America, for luckily it was well documented.  During the last year, we have planned this trip to Germany and England to explore our more recent discoveries.

2 years ago, curious about Muncaster, I pulled it up on the internet and I was delighted to learn that if I clicked on pictures of various rooms, I could take a virtual tour!  When I clicked on the Tapestry Room, my computer crashed for exactly 24 hours!  Not even a computer technician could get the computer to turn on again.  We ever replaced the battery – nothing! 24 hours later it fired up like nothing had ever happened! At that moment, I knew our trip to visit Muncaster was a must.

When we entered the gate – there was an eerie, yet comfortable, feeling that I had come back “home”.  At 8.30 in the evening, Peter met us and away we went – filming Peter’s fascinating tour of the Church, Summer house, graveyard, and finally the Magnificent Castle!  As Jim and I travelled from room to room – we felt a distinct aura in each space.  On the main floor the most notable as far as spirit presence, was the library – awesome!

By the time we ascended the staircase, we were both completely enthralled with a sense of all who had been here before – especially King Henry VI, a Bishop, little Margaret Susan Elizabeth, her Mother, nursemaid and many of he Pennington family.  When Peter “tucked us in” to the Tapestry Room, Flit (the cat) had curled upon the bed, and we begged him to allow her to stay the night with us.  All four of us had bonded with her by this time. He reluctantly agreed then with a bit of a twinkle in his eyes, bid us good night! And what a good night it was!

The journalists stayed with us until after 3am both filming and experiencing.  We sat for a long time in complete quietness, having left one small lamp burning in the corner next to little Margaret’s picture. When we had entered the room, I had felt a corner to corner attraction between her picture and the chair.  At about 1am Nicola had a chill and noticed a “presence” rising, then settling, several times in the lighted corner, she noted that it wasn’t scary – just “there”.  Concurrently, I had been filled with a feeling that little Margaret was here with her Mother and nursemaid, and that they were very comfortable to have us here with them.  I was compelled to go get Margaret (her picture) and return with it to my chair.  The picture was quite cold.  As it approached “her corner” Flit arose on the bed, stretched, focused on me and began to purr in a strong vibration.  As I lifted the picture and held it to me, the picture was also vibrating.  So I returned to the chair and held her face down on my knee.  Margaret’s vibration was so strong that my lap and legs were vibrating also I welcomed little Margaret in a soft voice.  We all felt welcome by her – that she and the other spirits in the room perceived us to be unthreatening visitors.  I told Margaret that I could imagine her life in the castle.  Jim and I also had feelings of our ancestors being there with us – overall there was just a feeling of great enveloping love, acceptance and peace.  So much so that we all fell sound asleep for the last couple of hours.

Upon awakening we were refreshed and “in a good place”.  The spectacular view as we exited took our breath away!  Our stay at Muncaster will forever be a cherished memory.  Thank you Peter and family for an absolutely unforgettable experience!

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