We were exhausted after a long trip and promptly fell asleep after Peter’s marvellous tour.  We don’t know what woke us up simultaneously but we both popped our eyes open at the same time.  We giggled a bit and Stacey suggested I get up and try my digital camera (we were both too nervous to turn out all the lights).  I took two pictures.  One of Stacey snuggled in the cosy bed and one of the wall opposite.  I sat on the bed to inspect the results.  There was a definite orb in the far corner of the room!  My camera has never done this before!  A little apprehensive now, I tried again, but now my camera refused to work.  I managed to get one more picture an hour or so later but cannot see the results as of 7.00am – they won’t let me.  I can honestly say we weren’t frightened (although I did make Stacey go to the loo with me!)  We had a wonderful time.