Ghost Vigil 15th April 2016

Ghost Vigil 15th April 2016

Twas another wild and windy night ….  Again nothing to report.  I’m getting to old for this but at least I don’t look as bad as Ian

Jason awoke with a serious case of bed head.  Now know why I shaved my head.

A good night – enjoyed everything.

Great night – worthwhile just to see Jason getting out of his slumbers.

Interesting night and enjoyed the experience.

Very interesting, good fun, allayed some fears, but still keeping what I’ve experienced to myself.

Brilliant night – can’t be faulted.  Perfect Ghost investigation.

Brilliant night.  Really enjoyed myself.  Will be back for more.  Lovely place to stop.  You make us feel so welcome.  Thank you very much.

Brilliant night – gutted we didn’t hear / see anything but that’s always an excuse to come back again for more.  Jason & Ian were fab! Thanks for making the night for us.

Can’t wait to come back!  Brill night, shame never saw anything.  But you never know who’s waiting for me next time. 

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