Ghost Vigil 16th April 2016

Ghost Vigil 16th April 2016

Another night.  Good fun, quite interesting.  There are no such things as orbs!! Or spirits!!  You’re all mad. 

An enjoyable night at Muncaster, lovely experience.  Never saw anything, good fun and would do it again.

An “interesting night”, some strange feelings in and near the tapestry room and on the stairs.  Would certainly come again.

I really enjoyed my experience at Muncaster and found quite a few things happen but didn’t see anything, so would like to come again.

I visited, I experienced, I enjoyed, I didn’t feel!

A memorable experience, full of lots of laughter and fun.  Thanks for great hospitality.

Stunning location, lovely hosts.  A very new and different experience.

I enjoyed the whole experience, beautiful grounds, friendly people.  Lots of laughter, did not feel!!! 

Great night at Muncaster, didn’t experience anything but fun night!



I came, I saw, I believe       


I really had a good experience at the Castle – good fun. 


I had an amazing evening, very insightful.  Definitely recommend this experience. 


Emotional experience. Great atmosphere.  Friendly people.  Amazing experience. 


Fab day and night.  Really enjoyed this experience.  Would recommend to anybody. 


Great experience – would recommend it – a lovely place to stay.


Great experience.  Would definitely be back!!!!  Next time with a mattress!!!!

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