Ghost Vigil 2nd April 2011

Ghost Vigil 2nd April 2011

Absolutely nothing – but great fun as always.

A very enjoyable experience – something with a difference & totally different within the group of 7 most of us heard very little.  2 of us did an all nighter & survived the night with no sleep!  When there were just 2 of us we heard a creaking in the Bishops room … like creaking floorboards or a chair being moved.  Thanks to the family for giving us free run to some of their house throughout the night.  And also to the family cat who followed me round all night & loved the attention.

Our overnight stay was so much fun!  We didn’t have any strange experiences while we were in all the zones, but we were awakened between 5.30 am – 6.30 am to what seemed like a slightly muffled scream??  (Which 3 of us heard – we were all asleep in the Guard Room).  We have discussed this over breakfast and agreed it was none of our group!!

A big thank you to Jason & Ian for making it a fantastic night, all 7 of us really enjoyed ourselves.  And thank you to Peter and all of his family for being so hospitable!  Very kind of you all!!

Would highly recommend.

Myself and Julie were in the Tapestry room and we heard footsteps on the landing.  I went to have a look but the door would not open.  I tried 3 times then it opened.  I got a bit scared but later on in the night one of the girls tried the door and she said it was hard to open.  So we think that was a explanation of what happened.

Dear Muncaster Team,

I really do thank you for all your kindness!  It was a real pleasure for me to come, to visit and meet you. Muncaster Castle is an amazing place with a wonderful story – I’m glad I had the chance to stay here. It was a delightful moment spent in Muncaster.  For us it was a long trip but the emotions we had were incredible. I didn’t see anything, but I felt many things and especially your happiness and friendliness. Thank you so much for that moment.  It was so great to spend and share that in Muncaster.

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