Ghost Vigil with Dr. Braithwaite 28th April 2007

Ghost Vigil with Dr. Braithwaite 28th April 2007

Following a wonderful walk through the bluebells, during which we spotted a couple of deer, we started our vigil at the castle.  Overall, it was a quiet evening but there was one unexplained occurrence when 2 of our group heard noises outside the Tapestry Room door and it was confirmed by a fellow vigilee on the other side who also heard the noises that no-one was there.  We look forward to returning at Halloween.

We were in the red gallery where we witnessed lots of banging which interfered with the equipment, the third set of curtains opposite the Bishop’s bedroom moved and also the tapestry, when investigated there were  no draughts.

On moving location to the tapestry room we witnessed the door rattling, footsteps outside accompanied by muttering and rustling of skirts was heard by the observer sitting by the portrait of Tom Fool – there was no one else about.

On behalf of our group –  a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

We really enjoyed our stay with some minor unexplained phenomena.  We slept in the Tapestry Room hoping to experience the worst that the Castle could offer.  Alas we all fell asleep with nothing to report.  However, at 6.46am we were both awoken by the door making a loud racket. By the time my eyes opened, there was no one there.  Unable to verify our story as we are all departing.  This will remain our ever lasting mystery.

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