Thank you for a good vigil which my brother in law and I enjoyed on Friday 30th March.  We will be booking the next one nearer to October.

We have conducted two vigils so far at Muncaster Castle under the guidance of Dr Jason Braithwaite.  We thoroughly enjoyed the vigils and found the whole experience very stimulating.  Although we have not seen anything as of yet, after dark the castle seems to take on a different personality and we are sure on our last vigil in the long corridor in the Bishop’s Bedroom, we experienced a feeling that was son normal in that my brother in law suddenly had a very bad headache and the electro magnetic field meter gave a high reading simultaneously for a few seconds.  My brother in law and myself will certainly be back in or around October for the October vigil.

e had a fantastic night at Muncaster on the last ghost vigil and something we will do again.  We didn’t witness anything of note on the night, just a couple of noises which in a castle of that age is expected.  The Tapestry Room we found to be most comfortable and indeed nodded off at one point.  Both Patrick and Peter visited us during the evening.  The next time we come for a vigil I’ve decided to hide Tom’s beer to see if I get a reaction form him.  My children would love to come and stay with you but only one is old enough.