Ghost Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 31st October 2009

Ghost Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 31st October 2009

I spent the night on a ghost vigil with Jason Braithwaite.  Spent time in all areas.  Felt comfortable in the Tapestry Room and Turquoise Room – no bumps in the night!  I felt most uncomfortable in the library – felt a chest tightness when standing and groggy and ‘drunk’ whilst sitting opposite the fire.  Had a fantastic night though – I will be back.

As a true sceptic (but open minded) I came hoping to be convinced.  Sadly I am leaving with no thoughts changed other than the hospitality shown and castle stay was far better than expected.  Tami my wife (who is a believer) has assured me we will be back.  Thanks to Jason and his team.

Great fun to be part of this unusual Halloween treat, unfortunately the only sight was me in the morning!!

What an enjoyable evening!  Didn’t like the atmosphere in the bishops dressing room, creepy!! I would definitely come back to another vigil, great experience.

A most enjoyable evening, good company, good food and the bed in the tapestry room would have been a good nights sleep.

Intriguing, enjoyable, little bit disappointing, but none the less would do it again!  Maybe my expectations were too high, and maybe next time they will be lived up to.

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