Here to celebrate Linda,s 50th birthday. Loved the tour of grounds and Castle.

Interesting night, maybe heard a child crying just after 0400-but could be imagination.

Didn’t hear or see anything. Enjoyed winding Sharon up.

Might have heard few noises around 0400, not 100% convinced.

Might have heard child crying, but not in room.

Felt cold draught when lying on bed and in front of fire, saw white light near window, ? Time, thought heard child crying but did hear everyone else snoring!

Scary Mary wasn’t playing, more scared of feeling pulse in own legs and then blaming everyone for playing tricks.

Slept on bed, dreamt was being pushed out of bed, but then woke up and realised I was fine. Later, felt the same thing and realised it was my younger sister, Liz! Slept most of the night.

Overall good time had by all, some strange things but nothing to convince us 100%.