Halloween Ghost Vigil 29th October 2011

Halloween Ghost Vigil 29th October 2011

The Tapestry Room … don’t go in the bed if you get scared easily.  Something went over my foot in the bed and Tom Fool always has something to do!

Great time!

A great experience, was worth repeating.

Had a wonderful time and hope to come again.

I would just like to say that I had an excellent time and would very much like to come back again.

Good investigation – really enjoyable.  Uneasy feelings in Tapestry Room and my leg stroked.  Also footsteps outside the room on the landing – 3 others heard.

Great night as usual.

Excellent experience, very authentic and scientific approach.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

A great moment.  The investigation was very interesting and the castle was beautiful – I liked the cat too.

Another very enjoyable night on our 2nd vigil.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Will definitely be back.

Great night – nothing happened.                        

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