Hawk and Owl Centre – February 2017

Hawk and Owl Centre – February 2017

This winter has been a cold but fairly dry one so far. There have been a lot of changes here at Muncaster Hawk and Owl Centre over the past month! One of the biggest changes is that the lovely Tom has left his position in the Hawk and Owl centre and spread his wings to new things having done an incredible job of taking the Centre to where it is today in just a couple of seasons. We wish him all the best for the future. So, as you read this you may be wondering who is writing this as Tom used to update each month. Well my name is Stuart and I’ve been involved with Muncaster Hawk and Owl Centre since the start working with Tom and I hope to carry on the Centre’s work to the same standard he brought to the table.

The A-team

People come and go throughout life but the Centre cannot physically operate on two members of staff forever, so we’ve been recruiting for another full time member of bird staff and a seasonal member of bird staff. It’s pretty crazy for myself in the position I’m in now to be sat the other side of the interview table asking the questions instead of the other way around with sweaty palms and twiddling fingers! We’ve seen some fantastic people for interviews and myself, Emma, Peter and Iona now have to make the decision on who will be best for the team. It’s always nice bringing new people on board to the team because many of them can bring something different with them which enhances the Centre and the team.

Moulted feathers collected from the flying team

As we’ve moved into February, many of the birds are still on their well earned rest, but some of the “hardier” birds have finished their break and will be starting our daily winter displays at 1:30pm. Many of our birds are looking very scruffy at the moment; this is due to them being rested, allowing them to moult their feathers and grow new ones so some are looking like they’re having a bad hair day! But after they’ve finished their moult, they’ll look like a brand new pristine bird!

Whippet looking scruffy moulting

Keep your eyes open for this season and visit often as there will be new additions to the Centre this season, humans and young feathery ones!

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