Bird Displays

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Flying Displays

Included in the price of your Gardens ticket, come along and watch one of the Muncaster Hawk and Owl Centre displays set in the beautiful Muncaster grounds and gardens. This is your opportunity to witness the stealthy silent flight of an owl, the breathtaking speed of a falcon or a majestic eagle soar over the valley!

24th March to 25th October, the World of Owls display kicks off the day at 11.30am in the Old Rose Garden arena, in the Hawk & Owl Centre.

The exhilarating Sky Hunters bird of prey display takes place at 2:00pm daily on the Meadow (just beyond the gates at the foot of the Castle front lawn) from 24th March through to 31st October, then at 1.30pm 1st November to December 23rd and February 11th to March 23rd.

In exceptionally bad weather, it may not be possible for the birds to fly – check notices in the Centre for alternative arrangements.

DOG OWNERS PLEASE NOTE that dogs are not allowed in the Centre including the Old Rose Garden arena or in the main seating area at the Meadow flying displays as the birds come amongst the audience. However, for displays on the Meadow, there is a designated seating area a short distance away, from which dogs and their owners can watch and from where you still get a good view. Assistance dog owners please speak to our stewards who will be pleased to help you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Everyone (including dogs) is welcome at the wild heron feed, which takes place all year on the Cannon Bank and where you can find out about the nearby centuries-old heronry on the estate and how this daily spectacle came about. This is at 4pm 24th March to 31st October and at 3pm through the winter.

Enjoyed your day? Loved our Centre birds? Then find out about being an adopter and see the Adopters Roll of Honour (updated monthly). For a really up-close-and-personal encounter, we also offer Hawk Walks, through the woodland with one of our birds of prey, and  ‘Help A Hoodie’ experiences to meet one of our lovely hooded vultures, funding work to protect these much-misunderstood birds, both daily most afternoons.

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