Hen Party Ghost Sit Saturday 7th August 2004

Hen Party Ghost Sit Saturday 7th August 2004

After being scared in graveyard we were very giddy.  A red crescent moon appeared at midnight.  A storm in the background very windy and misty.  Very hot night.

Once all in tapestry room Helen, Emma felt very sick on bed and had a vertigo feeling.  Tracey vomited.  Helen and Emma felt nauseous.  Michelle kept feeling cold air on her face even though it was very hot.  Heard bangs and squeals.

MAJOR EVENT – dead moth on window sill!!! (radio active sized one from Sellafield).

We all felt relaxed in the tapestry, felt toilet was more spooky as if someone watching.  We slept on/off all night.

Warning to other guests – Beware of snoring in-laws and Radio 4 in the night (who listens to that)

Thanks for fun.

The picture of Mrs Pennington who is not dead her face kept changing!!!!

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