Jo’s Hen party 12th/13th November 2004

Jo’s Hen party 12th/13th November 2004

1st night

Pauline mocked Tom Fool’s Tree upon entering the Castle!!!

As we unpacked our sleeping bags an object jumped out of Pauline’s unwrapped bag.  It was a leaf from the tree covered in poo!  Could not be explained how it got there.

Jo and Sharon saw shadows next to the bed in the corner.

Jo and Claire saw orbs and lights.

Marge head a child cry at about 4am.

Overall a very peaceful night.

2nd night

11.10 Michelle saw a large marble sized orb roll across the top of the hinged double portrait on top of the inlaid cupboard.

11.40 Debs felt something – breeze/draught on the back of her neck.

11.50 Another orb on the left hand corner of the same picture – it was static.

11.55/12.10 Michelle experienced breathing or heavy sighing in her ear.

12.30  Debs saw an orb on top of the tapestry beside the door behind the inlaid cupboard – it was towards the right hand side at the top.

1am Sarah spent a short time on the bed in the tapestry room and was fine

1.55 Debs saw a shadow leaving through the door – about 5ft tall – it left the room and did not go through the middle of the door – was nearer the door knob.

2.20 Michelle heard a deep voice whisper “Pollard” in her ear – she sensed that it was an adult male.

3.10 Michelle heard a child laughing in the left hand corner beside the window.

8.00 Next door whilst making coffee in the other room Jo and Sarah heard a young girl singing the end of a song – it seemed that she was in the hallway.  Lesley was occasionally experiencing pressure on her legs but did not see or hear anything.

Thank you for your hospitality, the grounds and your home are beautiful. We will be returning!

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