Over the bank holiday weekend, Muncaster returns to the 15th century with the Red Wyvern re-enactment society. Think history is dusty and boring? Think again; Medieval Muncaster brings the past to life with enthusiastic and knowledgeable re-enacters from the time of the Wars of the Roses. Standard general admittance charges apply, buy tickets below, free entry to Friends of Muncaster. Gates open 10.30am to 5pm.

We welcome back the Red Wyvern Clifford Household re-enactment group with scenes from the life and times of folk from the medieval period and the Wars of the Roses.

With a scenario built around Muncaster’s place in the history of these times, find out how men were armed, go to Knight School, watch a siege re-enactment and find out what daily life was like for our ancestors from this period.

With knowledgeable and enthusiastic participants setting up their camp on the Castle lawns,  this event runs over the three days of the August bank holiday weekend.

Medieval MuncasterMedieval MuncasterMedieval Muncaster

Also at Medieval Muncaster over the bank holiday weekend;

Independent Adventure are here with have-a-go at archery sessions for adults and children aged 8+ on the Castle lawns.
PLUS we’re hoping for a repeat of last year’s Ancient v. Modern archery talk and demonstration with the Independent Adventure staff joining forces with the Red Wyvern’s archers to compare modern bows and equipment with their counterparts in medieval weaponry.

Albert Harvey the Medieval Alchemist will be here for the weekend with his potions and medieval wizardry. Find out what alchemy is, what role the alchemist fulfilled in the community of his time and how alchemy forms part of the history of modern chemistry and medicine. 

STANDARD ENTRY CHARGES APPLY over the bank holiday weekend and the Castle will be open daily including the Saturday.

Archery at Medieval Muncaster WeekendTudor Alchemist Medieval Muncaster
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