Metro Radio Station live broadcast April 24th 2009

Metro Radio Station live broadcast April 24th 2009

Live from the Tapestry Room

Doing ‘live’ radio show and after numerous dark shapes and ‘growls’ in the woods, my producer and I saw a full figure through a glass door move from the right to the left (clearly) we went to investigate and a light suddenly went off.

Whilst in the room next to the Tapestry Room perfectly still in the armchair, I felt something pad by across the carpet next to my legs.  It was as if either a large cat or a small child had run passed me.  On a couple of other occasions the floorboards seemed to move as though something was walking by perhaps in the room next door, but the room was empty.

Sleeping in the Tapestry Room was terrifying; we heard a banging noise outside the room during the night.  The room was extremely cold but during the night we were all very hot!

I slept in the Tapestry Room and didn’t get much sleep!  Noises all night and bangs just outside the door.  I seemed to spend all night saying “did you hear That?”  I also had very strange dreams about the Great Hall.  The room was freezing but we were so hot!  A fantastic experience!

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