The Office Savaens Team 14th October 2006

The Office Savaens Team 14th October 2006

Thoroughly enjoyable experience!

No spooks to report!

Really enjoyed Castle tour.

A Friday 13th night stopover for us-thoroughly enjoyed Peters pre-ghost sit tour-thank you! As far as the Tapestry room goes, there is definitely something eerie at the bed end of the room. Whilst lying on the bed  I experienced a sudden coldness, my right arm felt very heavy to the extent that I found it difficult to move, and had chills right through-but only when lying on the left hand side of the bed( as you look at it from the foot end.) My hands very rarely get cold, but I was icy to the touch and felt cold right through. Love the Castle-a truly magnificent building with a vast and interesting history-will be bringing my husband and son here for a visit, looking forward to it already.

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