I was hoovering the long red carpeted corridor when I felt a presence behind me and felt very hot then cold.  I turned around no one seemed to be there but the lights suddenly started to flick on and off, but not all the lights just 2 certain lights.  When I told the others they came to look – the 2 lights still proceeded to go on and off, it wasn’t until the bulb was removed from one of the lights that it seemed to stop.  By this time I was feeling rather silly but unsure of the situation and quite tired and drained.

Interview afterwards – Sandra didn’t want to write the next bit, as she thought it was just so silly and no-one would believe her, but she felt the “light was not in the bulb – it was over on the other side of the corridor – it flew back in again and the bulb was lit again.”  “Weird – I felt very peculiar after that….