Scientific Ghost Vigil 27th October 2012

Scientific Ghost Vigil 27th October 2012

3rd vigil and still no bumps in the night!

Great Night – but quiet and uneventful (unfortunately).  However, a unique opportunity to spend the night in a great location.

 Good food, kind of enjoyable experience but unfortunately not at all scary and very quiet – not even the typical creaks and bumps you would expect in such an old house!

My first experience, apart from my legs shaking and really bad headaches when I laid on the bed in the Tapestry Room; it was an uneventful night (unfortunately) but thoroughly enjoyed, and would come again definitely.

An exciting experience in a beautiful setting.

Very informative introduction into the science and psychology behind “paranormal” experiences.  Wonderful time.  Thank you.

Great night, good food.  Whispers in the Library, doors rattling in the Bishops Room.

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