Scientific Ghost Vigil 31st October 2015

Scientific Ghost Vigil 31st October 2015

We loved the castle – felt really homely and friendly. The family are lovely and welcoming.

Creak in the Library, footsteps on the stairs.

Lovely location and would love to come back again.

 Enjoyable and entertaining.  Thank you.  Didn’t have any experiences though to assist with your research.  

Excellent evening – highly enjoyable and a little bit spooky.  There were some rooms I really didn’t like being in (Bishop’s Dressing Room) and I did experience someone prodding my arm in the King’s Room together with a change in the electric magnetic field.  Thanks for having me! 

 Very atmospheric night.  Really enjoyed the experience of spending the night in the castle 

 Another great night!  Spookily quiet but well worth the effort!  People were great and the castle so interesting. 

 Great fun, really enjoyed!  Good food and company – not sure that I experienced anything unusual thanks. 

 Great evening, lovely people.  A few things happened we are waiting on a possible explanation for.  Loved every minute. 

 A truly enjoyable night with Ian and Jason.  In such a beautiful home.  Look forward to another visit. 

 Once again a very good night – very enjoyable.

 A great night – enjoyable as usual!

 Twas a wild & windy night sat next to Michael!!!  No ghosts.  But others heard footsteps, bangs, raps, saw a shadow.

I saw nothing, as usual …  

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