Scientific Vigil with Dr. Jason Braithwaite Halloween 2004

Scientific Vigil with Dr. Jason Braithwaite Halloween 2004

A well organised vigil – which helped put a scientific slant into “ghost hunting”.  We carried out tests with equipment supplied by Dr. Jason Braithwaite – many unexplained readings.  Only one sighting in the King’s Bedroom by Anthony – on the wardrobe which can only be described as a moving shadow, which could not be recreated.  The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and educational.  The grounds and facilities were spot on.  Thanks to the Frost-Penningtons for their hospitality again.

What to say? No proof of the afterlife, although some results ere interesting to say the least.

The spookiest thing was all the caterpillars snoring!  Very interesting results – when’s the next one?

Very enjoyable.  I would do the scientific experiment again, this was a good training session for me and a good starting point.  Liked the structure – I will be back!  Muncaster as marvellous as ever.  Enlightening, informative and worth anybody’s time.

Fantastic night – again!  Good fun and very informative.  Can’t wait to come again.

Great night, fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Helped to get a more balanced perspective.  We’ll be back!!


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