Caught quite a few orbs in the dressing room on the camcorder, but nothing else – but we had a fab time in this beautiful castle.  Thank you.

 Child-like footsteps outside the Bishops Room and chair moving outside Kings Room (sound of).  Tingling felt on Tapestry Room bed.  A brilliant experience, wonderful hosts – well informed leader.  Thank you.

 Sense of pins and needles in foot and hand when lying on the Tapestry Room bed.  A great evening a fantastic opportunity to stay in the Pennington house.  Thank you.

Sitting in the Bishops Bedroom and sounded like the pattering of children’s footsteps.  Also outside the Kings Bedroom – a dragging chair sound on wooden floor – very strange, but a fantastic opportunity to work with professionals.  Thank you!

 A fantastic night – great people and an amazing castle!  A real hope of experiencing something, but sadly it was not to be.  A truly memorable night through.  Thank you.

 Had a great night  – had a little activity and caught orbs on phone in dressing room and nothing else.  Thanks.