Twiggy at a week old

Twiggy at a week old

By Peter Frost Pennington on 31st May.

Twiggy hit the news on Radio Cumbria early on Sunday morning and since then lots of people have been asking after her.

She’s doing really well. After a dodgy first few days of life, she is now suckling strongly on her own and feeding times are less stressful for us all. She has enjoyed being in an outside enclosure with lots of cover in which to hide over the last 3 days, returning to the Castle each evening. She also poos & pees on her own now without needing stimulation from us (wiping her nether regions with a piece of kitchen towel to mimic the licking her real mum would have done). Sorry to be so lavatorial but these details are important!

Yesterday she started skipping on occasion when we take her for walks and can run really fast. She loves exploring the undergrowth and has started to nibble a little. I weigh her daily and I’m pleased to report that she has gained weight every single day so far. When born she weighed around 1.8Kg. She has now just become ONE WEEK OLD (hurrah) and weighs in at 2.6Kg so we are very pleased. Last night she went 6 hours between feeds which is great for us as I can feed her at midnight and Iona gets up early and feeds her at 6am. We hope we have finished the 4am feed for good now. Phew!

It’s been a bit tricky taking her for walks the last couple of days as the Festival is going very well (which is wonderful) and there are loads of noisy people around from early to late in the day but we are still managing to take her off to quiet places whenever we can.

So thank you to everyone who has been sending their best wishes. We are not out of the woods yet……in fact Twiggy loves being in the woods, but we are making good progress at the moment and being Mum & Dad for her is getting a little easier.

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