Twiggy in Whitehaven News

Twiggy in Whitehaven News

Twiggy, a roe deer fawn saved by the owners of Muncaster Castle, featured in an article in the Whitehaven News as she gets ready to go it alone.

Peter Frost-Pennington, a qualified vet, delivered the fawn after her mother was hit by a car in May.

Named Twiggy after her long, slender legs, she has thrived in her new home. The roe fawn spends her days in a pen in the castle’s grounds and her evenings exploring the surrounding woodlands.

Soon Twiggy will be allowed to roam free despite the affection Peter and his wife Iona feel for her.

“We will stop feeding her some time soon,” said Peter. “And see whether she walks off or hangs around the castle.

“Sometimes kids leave home and you rarely see them again. My hope is that she will live happily in the gardens for many years. We hope there will be sightings of her.”

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