Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 30th October 2010

Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 30th October 2010

Did the vigil with Jason Braithwaite.  Heard plenty of bumps in the night – all explained though!  Had a great night.  Thanks very much.

Took  part in the vigil with Jason and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Whilst sitting in the Great Hall at around 11.30, we were delighted to hear the familiar footfall of paws!  We spent a marvellous 10 minutes fussing “Erty Berty” the spaniel and it truly made our night.  Also, we spent an uneventful 45 minutes in the Tapestry Room, although one of us managed a nice nap on the bed.  Following “lights out”, a few spooky sounds were heard but nothing too terrifying.  All in all, a wonderful experience in a fantastic location.

In Great Hall, Sue & I (who was sitting by Reception Door) heard faint tapping / or footsteps.  We glanced at each other and when it continues we both felt it came from the Private Corridor (where toilets are).  I said it sounded like somebody taking a few steps with a walking cane.  I said “Silver Walking Cane”.  Sue agreed the sound came from that area although Helen heard nothing.  Later on – went to toilet and someone said “Look, there’s a walking stick on the table”.  (I hadn’t noticed it before!).  Curiously, there were candles next to it wrapped in SILVER foil!

Quite a quiet night, though still enjoyed it thoroughly.  The only thing that I can say “freaky” happened was when I was in the Library with the other 2 members of my team, one was sat at the desk.  I was stood with my back towards the door and I thought I was looking at my friend stood over by the painting (the back of her black coat).  I was then shocked to turn to see her sat near the curtains.  I felt queasy then!

Thank you for letting us into your lovely home!  Really enjoyed the experience and the “warm friendly” atmosphere the house gave off!

This was my first “Paranormal Investigation”, and even though it was primarily quiet, it was still a very interesting night …  The only “experience” I can say I had was in the Library where a member of my team was in the Great Hall and I felt someone whispered something from behind me.  When I asked her if anyone was there, she confirmed I had been there by myself.

I would like to firstly thank the family for opening up their home to the “team of investigators”, and secondly to Jason & Ian for making the night enjoyable … I would definitely come back!



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