Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 31st October 2008

Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 31st October 2008

Spooky Stuff

  • Girl groan in Tapestry Room – heard by all 4 ladies in the room but not by Jason (who was sitting at the other end of the room)
  • Groan on stairs by red corridor
  • Banging behind door on red corridor (turned out to be the toilet door)
  • Very high magnetic readings in rooms – very enjoyable – would recommend and come again

Heard footsteps in the Great Hall. Nothing else happening downstairs.

The locked door on the red corridor, a shadow appeared on the floor as if someone was behind it, and sticking their foot out – but no one was there.  High elec-magnetic readings in front of locked door.  When I was lying on the Tapestry Room bed, I heard a groan of a child.  The other 3 girls heard this but Jason didn’t.  Heard a loud sigh on the main stairs.  Scary!  Would definitely come back.

Lee heard and saw nothing.  We heard tapping in the red corridor, whispers in the Tapestry Room, footsteps outside the Tapestry Room.  Lots of high EMf readings which explain some of it – but not all!  Karen and Ros both really uncomfortable outside the red corridor’s locked door and Ros won’t now go near the Bishop’s bedroom.  All in all, a great experience – not sure I’d come back but glad I’ve done it! Thanks!

Outside the Tapestry Room Des felt like he as sinking then a fuzzy feeling on his face, he then became overcome with emotion and tears filled his eyes, when he entered the room the feeling left him.  Des and Karen saw a shadow flicker across the top of the stairs when they were sat in the Kings Room. Karen and Ros felt very uncomfortable outside the Tapestry Room, very oppressive feelings and we measured high EMF readings.  A fantastic experience, thanks

We thought the Tapestry Room was the most welcoming and cosy room in the house, also loved the library.  Enjoyed the experience. Thank you.

Loved the experience of being in Muncaster at night on my own in the rooms – didn’t see anything – but a fantastic experience nonetheless.

Had a fantastic experience the castle is amazing.  Heard a female voice groan in the Tapestry Room.  Will be back.  Loved it.

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