Volunteer at Muncaster in 2017!

Volunteer at Muncaster in 2017!

The last 12 months have been amazing, exciting and extremely rewarding but we could never have achieved so much progress without the help of our fabulous Volunteers.

In the Castle itself, because of the gift of their time, Volunteers have been able to help catalogue, transcribe, research and conserve the artefacts of Muncaster. We are now better able to interpret them in future displays and investigate into the histories they hold. Our Volunteers love to interact and chat with our visitors, which they tell us “totally enhances the visitor experience”.

Within the Hawk and Owl Centre there are Volunteers who assist with marshalling at the two daily flying displays and the care of the birds.

Gardeners who share their love of the outdoors and plants help us by volunteering their time in the Gardens and maintaining the beauty that is Muncaster.

Our Buildings Maintenance team provide excellent opportunities for building professionals to learn and practise heritage building skills not commonly used on modern projects.

Volunteering at Muncaster is a two-way process.  Our helpers are able to satisfy their own passions and interests and learn new skills from our staff whilst we are able to provide good customer service and accomplish so much more with the efforts of such dedicated teams.

Volunteering can comprise of a specific commitment each week or simply providing an extra pair of hands during our busy events which take place throughout the year.

“Micro Volunteering” may suit other people, particularly if they have a specific area of expertise they are willing to donate for perhaps a day a year. For example, there may be a book conservator who would like to volunteer in our library, a horticulturist keen to work with our rare plant collection or maybe a face painter who can entertain the younger visitors . The opportunities are endless. Just tell us how you would like to help.

To our existing team, thank you for all your hard work and to our future team here’s to more exciting discoveries and achievements to come.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our volunteer coordination team by email at curator[at]muncaster.co.uk or please call and ask to speak to them.

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