Charity event for “Wish upon a star” (Terminally ill children)

Approx 12.30 Sue and Lynne were in the dressing room and heard sounds on the corridor.  When they opened the door there was a rustling noise coming from the corridor but they were too scared to look!  4am Sue woke up icy cold despite being sandwiched between 2 people under a duvet in the Tapestry Room.  6.10am Leanne and Sue heard a ladies voice singing.  Thinking it may be the radio they went to the door but the voice from the radio was a male voice.  Approximately 10 minutes later they heard it again.  Everything felt very peaceful – not at all scary at that time.

Many thanks for helping us raise £1000 (or more)  Marie saw the door close for no reason at about 3am.  Other members of the party saw and heard nothing.