Over eighty bears have successfully stormed Muncaster Castle and are now enjoying living there along with the slightly bearwildered Pennington family, who have previously held the Castle on their own for well over 800 years.

To celebrate their joint occupation of the Castle and their aim to live harmoniously there together, the Bears and the family are holding a BearGanza during the month of July, showing the Bears enjoying the luxury of the Castle’s ornate Drawing Room.

But who knows how long the Drawing Room will satisfy them? Doubtless the Bears will be attempting to commandeer others of the ‘posh’ rooms too in the future and the Pennington family will be further exiled Below Stairs…

Teddy talk in the castle

The bears arriving at Muncaster

lakeland bears

July 17th – Teddy Talk with our Teddy Bear Doctor

The Muncaster Teddy Bears

The Muncaster Teddy Bears are a collection of eighty+ Lakeland Bears which were created in the 1980s/90s by husband and wife team John and Wendy Phillips.  Each bear displays loving attention to detail, is fully jointed and is dressed in its own handmade outfit to reflect its unique personality.

The Lakeland Bears were excited about their move to Muncaster in April 2019, to become the Castle’s most recent beary occupants. The Castle has seen bears before, when it was home to Himalayan Moon Bears (i.e. real ones) in the 1970s/80s.

Peter Frost Pennington – who claims to have survived quite happily at Muncaster  for 25 years without a teddy bear, said:

“We are thrilled to have bears at Muncaster once again but glad this time they are a bit smaller and mostly Castle-trained. Mind you, it is a bit disconcerting to find them popping up all over the house and often in places where you least expect them, Quite a takeover bid, I must say!”

Teddy talk in the castle

Settling into our new home

pop-up teddy bear market

Pop-up Teddy Bear Markets 14th & 28th July

The BearGanza will be open with the Castle (12 noon to 4pm, daily in July INCLUDING SATURDAYS, please note, when the Castle will be open) and can be visited by holders of Castle entry tickets at no further charge. As well as the Teddy Talk on July 17th, a chance to talk to Ravenglass’s resident teddy specialist for advice on restoration and valuation, there will also be a Pop-Up Teddy Bear Market in the Castle on Sundays 14th and 28th July.

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