Muncaster is one of Britain’s most haunted castles

Paranormal researchers visit this Cumbrian Castle to seek rational explanations of the strange happenings.

Many tales revolve around Tom Fool, aka Thomas Skelton, a powerful force at Muncaster. Tom is rarely seen, but his spirit continues to play tricks on family, staff and visitors.

Hauntings often occur in The Tapestry Room. Visitors complain of the disturbed nights, hear footsteps outside in the corridor, see the door handle turning and the door opening although nobody is there. A child is frequently heard crying towards the window end of the room and sometimes a lady heard singing, comforting a sick child. Visitors have also felt cold in the room for no apparent reason.

One story connected with the house is that of Margaret Pennington, a little girl, often ill apparently, who died in childhood at the Castle. Other stories concern the ‘Muncaster Boggle’ or White Lady who haunts the gardens and roadways around Muncaster. She is supposedly the ghost of Mary Bragg, a young girl murdered in the early 1800s on the road near the Main Gate.

If you wish to experience the haunted Castle for yourself, Muncaster offers one or two scientific ghost vigils each year when you can join a group together with paranormal specialists for an overnight exploration of the Castle’s ghostly residents, or overnight ghost sits, where a small group can spend the night in the Tapestry Room.

Gacko with his family

The 2019 Fool of Muncaster Gacko, with his family