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With a Grade 1 listed Castle to care for plus a portfolio of diverse other buildings and structures to care for on the Muncaster Estate, many of them also listed, the Building and Maintenance Manager’s day is never dull! Find out more here.

February 2018

June 2017

Muncaster on the TV

2017-11-01T02:15:46+01:00Muncaster Estates Blog, Castle Curators Diary, Latest News, Press and Media|

Muncaster is featuring in a fly-on-the-wall documentary for Channel 4. This was filmed over 2016 and is being screened on More4 from July 4th at 9pm. Images of Muncaster and the area show up throughout the series but look out for Muncaster particularly in these three episodes; July 11th is about the restoration of the [...]

May 2017

Volunteer at Muncaster in 2017!

2017-10-30T11:43:27+01:00Muncaster Estates Blog, Castle Curators Diary, Falconers Diary, Gardener's Diary, Latest News|

The last 12 months have been amazing, exciting and extremely rewarding but we could never have achieved so much progress without the help of our fabulous Volunteers. In the Castle itself, because of the gift of their time, Volunteers have been able to help catalogue, transcribe, research and conserve the artefacts of Muncaster. We are [...]

April 2017

Library Refurbishment – Final Post

2017-07-07T14:48:58+01:00Muncaster Estates Blog, Latest News|

The final post (sorry for the delay),  for the Library job saw Jeff and I lay up and trowel off the lime skim coat on the repaired section of plaster,   The last coats of paint were applied to the walls, while Daniel gilded the very last star...   Then following the scaffold being removed, we re-hung all [...]

March 2017

Library renovations update, 1st March

2017-07-07T14:48:59+01:00Muncaster Estates Blog, Latest News|

These photos aren't the best, but we've fallen behind again with updates due to not enough hours in the day! The float coat was laid up with Richard Toogood (Prince's Foundation) a fortnight ago and has since received its final lime skim coat, and is now just awaiting its coats of paint before the [...]

February 2017

January 2017

Maintenance in the Library

2017-07-07T14:49:32+01:00Muncaster Estates Blog, Latest News|

Winter closing is all too short a window for the scale of some of the maintenance jobs we undertake at Muncaster. This winter we have been redecorating in the Library plus repairing some failed plaster, which was threatening to come crashing down, up in the library's gallery.If 'redecorating' prompts thoughts of stepladders and the odd dustsheet, [...]

May 2017