You may have already figured it out, you may not…today (Saturday 17th February) is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

To celebrate, those nice people at the herdy company have hidden herdy surprises to spread smiles across Cumbria! Join herdy on a fun filled adventure and play ‘hunt the herdy’ with us – there are two hidden at Muncaster today!

If you find a herdy with the special tag on then he is yours to keep! All we ask is that you perform a Random Act of Kindness yourself; buy a stranger a coffee, ring your Aunt you haven’t spoken to for a while, help someone with their shopping… however big or small let’s spread some smiles and happiness today!

There is one herdy hidden at each location on their map (it’ll be on their Facebook page here)  and most will be free for you to find but if you happen to be at some of Cumbria’s best loved attractions you may come across a few too including Muncaster.

If you find one let us know (then we won’t have to send out a search party tomorrow!).

Happy hunting!

#RandomActsOfKindnessDay #hunttheherdy