There has been a growing demand from members of the public to work with the scientific vigil research team based here at Muncaster Castle, and as a result of this we offer public places on one or two vigils per year.
The 2019 vigil will as always be close to Halloween but the date is TBD at this stage.

Call or email us to go on our mailing list for this or other future vigils.

Members of the scientific research team, who have been researching the “hauntings” of Muncaster since 1992, lead the vigil.  They explain the rationale of a scientific investigation, and train participants in the use of various items of technical equipment and research methods before supervising the overnight investigation in various locations of the Castle.  This is your chance to meet like-minded professional researchers and take part in serious on-going research at the country’s most prominent location.  Many of the team’s research findings have been published in top peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

The programme is to be confirmed but tends to follow the pattern below  *:

Times Activity
5.30pm – 6.30pm Registration, afternoon tea and talk on the modus operandi of the vigil
7.30pm – 9.00pm 2 course supper
9.00pm – 11.00pm Training in the use of technical equipment to be used on the night.
Set up and test equipment in various locations.
11:00pm – 4:00am The vigil
4:00am – 8:00am Sleep, if you are able!
8.30am Breakfast followed by debriefing
10.00am Depart Muncaster Castle

*Please note timings and location may vary slightly from the programme listed above.

You will need to bring your own sleeping bags and warm clothing. You must comply with the scientific research team’s instructions while participating on the event. This is a scientific project, part of the long term research into alleged ‘paranormal’ activity at Muncaster, and we do not encourage the use of séances or other similar activities.   All equipment is provided, though you may want to bring your own pen / paper for note taking.  If you do wish to bring your own cameras or the like, the scientific research team must be made aware of this at registration, so they can explain to you any limitations in their use.

By signing up for this event, you agree to co-operate with any media companies/agents who show an interest in covering this event, whether journalists, TV reporters or similar. We may not know until shortly before the event whether or not there will be any media interest in the vigil.  Note that the presence of the media should not interfere in any way with the investigation process or your enjoyment of the event.

The cost will be £99.00 per person and includes afternoon tea, an evening meal, tea/coffee throughout the vigil and a full English breakfast.

If you require further information or to book please contact us on 01229 717614  or email us.

As an alternative to this experience, we also offer an overnight ghost sit in the most-haunted Tapestry Room. Available most of the year and open to small groups (an absolute maximum of 8 but fewer is better), it’s a fantastic team-builder for friends and colleagues or a real alternative to your average stag or hen do! Find out more.