Apologies for lack of updates on MHOC recently. Even though summer peak season is well and truly over it still feels like a peak higher than Scafell for me!

Christie knows how I feel

All of this years young owls are all grown up and flying well in displays. Even though Badger our Asian brown wood does still look like a big baby despite being the oldest of the young owls from this year.

Badger still looking like a fluffy young owl

Talking of youngsters, I recreated a picture of myself from quite a few years ago with our two Barn owls, Fox and Hare. I’d never have thought back then I would be doing this as a career.

Young me and present (old) me!

We’ve been training a young Hooded vulture called Mouse to fly in displays. He done his first free flight in the meadow a few weeks ago and is coming along very nicely, he’ll be making more appearances in our ‘Sky Hunters’ displays very soon.

Nathalie, our seasonal member of staff, has also come along nicely (bird training talk) since she first arrived at MHOC at the start of year. So much so we’ve extended her season and also invited her back next season to carry on working with the team. All credit to her she has learnt an awful lot and has really proved herself as an integral part of the bird staff team.

Our vehicle has had a small makeover. We now have private plates fitted so we look more of the part as we drive up to the meadow. Peter calls it the Raptor Mobil!

We’re now preparing and getting everything ready for Halloween and our ‘Twilight Owls’ displays. We’ve had to repair some of the wiring as over summer we’ve been a bit chop heavy with the lawn mower. I don’t know why, but I always seem to get nervous leading up to the Owls by Moonlight displays. Maybe it’s because I can’t see a thing in the dark or perhaps worry that the young Boobook owl will collide with Deadpool’s swords as he fly’s in between the audience. The owls are the pros at it so I’m sure all will be fine.